Brand guidelines

The following is a set of resources and guidelines meant to help communicate the CartaX brand.

Use of CartaX logo and word marks for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of CartaX is prohibited. CartaX does not permit or consent to any use of CartaX’s name, logo or word marks in any manner that is likely to cause confusion or imply association with or sponsorship by CartaX. Please consult your legal counsel for advice. All materials that use CartaX’s name, logo and word marks must adhere to the CartaX branding guidelines below.Download the CartaX logo kit


CartaX has two logos.

  • The "X" logomark
  • The "CartaX" logotype

There are three versions of these logos: full color, two color, and one color.

Full color

The full color logos are meant to be used primarily for marketing materials, large prints, iOS and Android app icons, and high-resolution screens.

Two color

The two color logos are meant to be used for merchandise, fabric stitching, stickers, favicon, on-screen logos, letterhead, business cards, and other branded printed materials.

One color

The one color logos are meant to be used primarily for packaging, stamping, faxing, and single color paper prints.


  • As defined in the Carta brand guidelines, the Carta logotype must always be displayed in white#ffffff, black#000000, or dark blue#25314c.
  • The ">" in the "X" mark in the CartaX logotype should always match the color of the Carta logotype.
  • The "<" portion of the "X" mark, should be set in blue #02a1fe.

Clear space

Use the width of a leg of the "X" to determine the minimum amount of space required around the CartaX logomark.

CartaX logotype clear space

Use the height of the "X" to determine the minimum amount of space required around the CartaX logotype.

CartaX logomark clear space


Use only the logos supplied directly by CartaX. Never change the logo colors or modify the logo in any way.

CartaX logotype misuse example #1CartaX logotype misuse example #2CartaX logotype misuse example #3CartaX logotype misuse example #4
Download the CartaX logo kit

Referencing CartaX

Always write out "CartaX" with a capital "X" and no spaces.

  • CartaX

When referring to the legal entity, write out "Carta Capital Markets, LLC" and when abbreviating, use "CCMX".

  • Carta Capital Markets, LLC
  • CCMX
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