Carta Cross auction

A spectrum of liquidity, disclosure, and control in a single framework

Tailor the transaction and participant composition to meet your needs as they evolve over time.

Carta Cross auction order entry interface

  • Control transaction access

    Model and define shareholder eligibility and liquidity caps that best fit your business needs with the help of CartaX's equity capital markets team.

  • Market-driven pricing

    Benefit from a market driven price-discovery within a predetermined price range that optimally reflects supply and demand.

  • Symmetric disclosures

    Permission approved buyers and sellers to access transaction documents, disclosures, and company-provided KPIs via a secure data room to support information symmetry.

  • Integrated tax withholding

    Receive automatic withholding estimates for cashless exercise in the U.S. and internationally through a direct integration with Carta’s tax engine.

  • Bilateral transactions

    Eliminate the need to sponsor your own transaction and enable tax efficiencies for participants by facilitating trading on CartaX.

  • Standardized documents

    Access standardized transaction documents and templates, reducing the overhead of a transaction.

Levi Casey shares the positive impact of the Carta Cross transaction on his life and family.

We were a little apprehensive with this being our first CartaX auction, but the Carta Cross was successful and our employees really appreciated it. The transaction went very smoothly and the support from the team has been first rate.

Anthony Maslowski

Chief Financial Officer, Cerebras

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