Tender Offers with CartaX

A liquidity solution for companies at every stage

Potential benefits for tender offer participants

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    Private companies

    Strengthen your talent strategy while maintaining control of your cap table

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    Provide an opportunity for your shareholders to monetize a portion of the value they helped create

    Employees: Learn about tender offers
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    Institutional investors

    Strengthen relationships with existing investors and find new investors as your capital needs evolve

Simplifying the complex: The CartaX Tender Offer customer roadmap

Partnership is at the forefront of every transaction executed on the CartaX platform.

Deal Structuring

Deal structuring with CartaX specialists

Structure your tender offer confidently with holistic guidance from CartaX’s experienced team to ensure key tax, accounting, and legal considerations are accounted for.

Knowledge and expertise sharing

Empower your employees with CartaX education sessions on private stocks and tax implications as well as detailed sellers guides, all to help improve employee participation.

Cap Table

Cap table quality assurance and participant due diligence

Be assured that CartaX has controls in place to achieve cap table quality assurance ahead of a transaction. The team also conducts KYC/AML checks on all participants.

Transaction Period

Supply aggregation in a transaction

Aggregate sell-side orders among eligible shareholders on the CartaX platform with the goal of improving transaction subscription rates for investors.

Seamless Settlement

Seamless settlement

Reduce onerous paperwork and potential human errors with accurate record keeping through CartaX’s integration with Carta’s core cap table software. The team also handles all cash movement and custody of funds.

Tax withholding and option exercise

Receive automatic withholding estimates for cashless exercise or compensatory sales via CartaX’s integration with Carta’s tax engine.

Running a tender offer on the CartaX platform allows you to:

  • Focus on growth

    The automated and streamlined process can save you time and resources.

  • Keep organized

    The CartaX platform centralizes disclosures and agreements for each transaction, improving record keeping.

  • Reduce administrative burden

    The integration with Carta’s cap table management software and tax engine means automatic cap table updates and tax withholding estimates.

  • Support compliance

    Platform flexibility allows you to configure your transaction while satisfying applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines.

  • Complete a one-time onboarding process

    A one-time KYC/AML set-up is required for each brokerage account, which can then be used to participate in future transactions on the CartaX platform.

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